How to wear your face mask correctly

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Resources

As many of us aren’t used to wearing masks unless you work in a medical or construction field, then you probably have never thought about how to wear a mask correctly or that they could be worn incorrectly.

As there are more people now wearing a face mask and also a requirement in many places. So, we thought it would be useful to share this blog on how to wear them correctly to ensure that you are effectively protecting others.

Getting the fit right

Your face mask should fit snugly but be comfortable to wear and it shouldn’t restrict your breathing. It shouldn’t be too tight on your face and should leave minimal gaps around the edges. Ensuring a snug fit should prevent you from needing to alter or reposition your face mask.

Nose– The top of the mask should fit comfortably on the bridge of your nose and you should ensure that there is a good seal around your mouth and nose. If your mask has a metal tab on the nose, make sure you adjust this to your nose. It will depend on your nose shape to how much of your nose is covered but you should try to cover the majority of your nose.

Chin– The mask should fit snugly on your chin although it doesn’t necessarily need to cover your chin although doing this helps create a better seal for your mouth.

Handling of face masks

It is advised that you should wash your hands or sanitise them before putting on your face mask and after taking it off. If you need to readjust your face mask or touch under your face mask, then you should clean your hands again. You should avoid touching the face mask as much as possible whilst wearing and removing the face mask and try to handle it using the ties or loops.

Used face masks should be either disposed of safely or stored in a sealed bag or container until they can be disposed of or washed if they are reusable.

Cleaning your face mask

If you have a cloth face mask that is reusable, then you can wash it in your washing machine on a hot setting using your normal washing detergent or in warm soapy water after each use but you should follow the care or wash instructions provided. You should ensure that the face mask is fully dry before using it again and it should be stored safely in an individual bag or container until you use it.